Live Oaks Golf Club


Live Oaks Golf Club

Live Oaks is a semi-private, 18-hole golf course just outside of Jackson, MS. Open 363 days a year, Live Oaks does allow non-members to play on a limited basis. Call (601) 982-1231 for membership information and tee times.

Membership Information

  • Joining Fee: $250.00
  • Monthly Dues: $145.00

Unrestricted play during Live Oaks business hours. Golf Membership includes spouse and children. Children 18 and over must be students. 

  • Joining Fee: $250.00
  • Monthly Dues: $115.00

Must be 60 years of age and older. Senior Golf Membership does not include a spouse, and play is limited to Monday- Friday, excluding holidays. 

  • Joining Fee: $150.00
  • Monthly Dues: $75.00
  • Monthly Dues: $250.00

Cart inclusive membership requires a one year contract. 

  • Joining Fee: $250.00
  • Monthly Dues (per member): $125 3-5 members, $115 6+

Unrestricted play during Live Oaks business hours. Spouse and family not included. 

All joining fees are 50% refundable after the first year of membership. After the second year of membership, joining fees  are 50% refundable as Pro Shop merchandise credit. 

Join Live Oaks Golf Club today!

For questions on membership, contact Rob Buie (601)982-1231.

Non-Member Rates

Weekdays | 18-holes


  • $15.00 Cart fee

Weekend/ Holiday | 18-holes


  • $15.00 Cart fee



  • No Cart Fee
  • Unlimited Play
  • Sunday 2:00 PM
  • Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 1:00 PM
  • All day Tuesday and Thursday

Weekdays | 9-holes


  • $7.50 Cart Fee

Weekend/ Holidays | 9-holes


  • $7.50 Cart Fee

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